Friday, August 13, 2010

I've been MIB (Missing in the Blogosphere)

A massive wave of self-doubt came over me and caused me to avoid this blog like the plague.  I started reading some other bloggers and was overwhelmed with the talent out here.  I started thinking who am I to even think I can write a blog that people would like to read.   I mean, let's get real, I'm not a writer.  You can quit laughing - I'm well aware of that.  I'm not a highly recognized name (no offense to my TV-addicted tweeps). But you know what I mean.   Yep, Gamma was running scared.  I wasn't about to put myself in the category of or / and I'm not even touching or and a host of other blogs that I discovered as I Googled my various interests.  To top it all off, my biggest cheerleader has been dealing with some things way more important than my little blog so I couldn't even get that boost of encouragement from her (you're in my prayers girl).

Bottom line I appreciate all the fantastic blogs I've found.  I will continue to read you faithfully and even comment every now and then.  But the real lesson has been, it's okay.  I'm not you.  I don't pretend to be you.  But I enjoy blogging.  Even more importantly, I enjoy blogging the random thoughts from my world.  Whether it be life lessons, career paths, financial worries, or the squirrels that keep invading my bird feeders, I like it.  If one, two, or ten people find my blog interesting, that's just icing on the cake. 

So get ready, Gamma's back!

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