Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bye Bye Baby TayTay

GamMa's World got smaller on Saturday, October 8, by 8 lbs. 4 oz.    My beloved Doggie Princess -- my "Baby TayTay" --   passed away unexpectedly while I was making a run to the local Family Dollar for toilet paper and paper towels.  

I can't write a small blog post that expresses how much I loved that dog.  She was truly my best friend and brought me nothing but love and devotion.  I only hope her passing was pain free.   Any pet owner will tell you that their pets truly become part of the family.  They have their own distinct personality traits and mannerisms that are as individual as you and I are.  Some of those traits are both entertaining and irritating.  Doggie Princess had one such mannerism.

She liked to watch TV (yes, she was truly my dog).   Doggie Princess was an active TV watcher.  She basically laid on the floor and watched quietly ... until another animal showed its face on the TV.  Then she lost her doggie mind uh went berserk became extremely animated.  If we were watching TV in the bedroom, she would run up to the armoire and jump two feet in the air - repeatedly - trying to get to that animal on TV.   Full on attack mode.  She barked and growled as if our safety depended upon her keeping that TV animal in its place.  If we were watching TV in the living room, she'd stand by the fireplace looking up but with no furniture to give her leverage so she could get her jump on, she just stood their barking and growling.   My sister-in-law swears it's the funniest thing she's ever seen.  The only way to ensure she wouldn't attack the TV was for me to hold her ... or turn the channel if a dog food commercial came on.   Her TV attack was even more entertaining because she didn't give a flip about dogs we saw in real life.  She never barked at them.  If we were walking and encountered other dogs -- nothing.  A sniff and a turn of her little head and that was it.

I never got her on video attacking the TV - it wasn't that big a deal to me - it was just her.  I did happen to snap a picture of her as she was saving us from a Purina commercial though.  It makes me smile.  

I'll cry a few more days I'm sure.  Especially when I come home from work and she's not greeting me at the top of the steps.  Or like I did last night when I didn't have her little body snuggled up to me while I slept.  My heartache will heal.  I want to get to the point when I see a pet food commercial and smile as I remember Doggie Princess throwing everything in her 8 lb. 4 oz. body to getting that animal off of our TV.

I said "bye bye baby TayTay" every single morning to her when I was leaving for work.  It was her signal that she couldn't go with me.  So "bye bye baby TayTay" - I love you.

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