Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This week (keep in mind it's only Tuesday) has been okay at work. I got over my breakdown and I'm just doing the best I can while I plan my escape. But Gamma's a little disappointed today and it has nothing to do with work -- for once.

I work in Greensboro and live in Winston-Salem. It takes me a good 50 minutes to an hour to get home if traffic is moving well. I left work at 5:30, hit the highway, got off the highway because I forgot to get gas at lunch, and made it home by 6:35. I let the doggie princess out, loaded her in the car and off we were to vote before the polls closed at 7:00.

My voting precinct is a middle-school. The parking lot was PACKED and I was quite surprised that I had to circle the lot twice before I found a spot to squeeze into. I was glad to see so many of my neighbors turn out for a primary election. That excitement was short-lived, however, as I entered the gym and only once person was in there voting. The school was having some kind of event hence the overcrowded parking lot.

I signed in and got my ballot (holding the doggie princess) and voted. Took all of five minutes. I slipped my ballot in the box and I was number 286. Only 286 people had taken the time to vote today (I don't have early voting statistics but I hope they were significantly larger than 286).

I know primaries are boring - hell - the entire election scene is boring. But we've got to do better. As a Black woman, I know too many of my people fought for the right so I could vote. I don't want their efforts to be in vain. As boring as it is and as much as I despise campaign season with the quarter-truth ads, name calling, and general all-around nastiness, I try to always exercise my right to vote. I even do my due diligence and do as much research as possible on the candidates. Everyone turns out for the Presidential elections and that makes me happy. Truth of the matter is the Presidential election doesn't have as much impact on our day-to-day lives as our local representatives. We need to be turning out in record numbers for our School Board Members, our Sheriffs, our Congressional representatives and of course our Senators.

So promise me young people, especially young Black people that you will get involved in the political process -- nationally and locally. Whether you're Democrat, Republican, Independent, or even Tea Party (okay that last one hurt), you must get involved and exercise your right to contribute to the process. For my part of town, that ballot box should have said 2,286 at least.


  1. A very inspiring and true message for all of us to remember and live by! I am very proud of you and TayTay for doing your part!

  2. I totally agree with you on this. I show up for every election, no matter how big or small, simply because I know my history. I also drag my daughter along, just like my mother took me, even though she's not old enough to vote yet. She'll be 18 next year and it's important that she understands her civil obligation.