Thursday, June 10, 2010

Try Humming - You'll Like It

This has been a tough week.  The grandchild has an ear infection and went from her mommy to me all week -- of course in the middle of the night -- so I haven't had a solid night of sleep.  A financial situation is coming to a head and the brother I thought was going to be able to help me can't.  Oh yeah, I got another reject letter on the job front (the job I have is still stressful as hell).   Then So You Think You Can Dance pissed me off last night by switching up a winning formula and dragging it out Idol style (Gamma doesn't like her TV messed with unless you're improving it).  Nothing major in the overall scheme of things but enough little irritants to have me a little more stressed than usual.

For some reason I thought of my Granny (now deceased).  Granny used to sit in her rocker and hum quietly to herself for hours on end.  She'd just sit there, quietly humming as she gently rocked back and forth, always at peace.  Hands folded on her lap.  No matter what was going on around her, she seemed so a peace when she sat and hummed.  So I tried it.

The house was quiet, the dog was sleeping and Peanut and Mommy hadn't got home yet.  I sat in my recliner, no TV, no radio, no noise at all.  I rocked and hummed quietly.  Calmness flowed through my spirit.  My blood pressure dropped,  I'm sure.  Things didn't seem so overwhelming.  I thoroughly understood what Granny got from rocking and humming.  I even hummed the same non-tune she used to hum. 

These days what my Granny did would be called some form of meditation that would cost me $45 a class.  I'm thankful that I was able to witness Granny in action.  I'm thankful that for some reason I thought of her today.  I'm thankful I had a rocker to sit in.  And I'm thankful I experienced the power of the hum.

Now, to get ready for So You Think You Can Dance.  If I get too upset over this all stars change, I'll just sit and hum.

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  1. amen sista amen ... some the quiet is better then money . remember i said sometimes